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Winning the war for talent

I find it quite strange that many of the good employers, cite that it is becoming more difficult to find, attract and hire the right talent, while at the same time talented professionals looking for a new challenge also seem adamant that such opportunities are rare or non-existent!

The current recruitment processes and tools are mostly cumbersome and outdated. They are not suitable for this day and age, and notably not suitable for generation Y, AKA the Millennials. Companies and Businesses are now competing for talent and need to sell themselves to the individuals as much as candidates selling themselves to the business (not literally !)

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Employee Engagement

According to Aon Hewitt’s 2014 report, global employee engagement stood at 61% and it varied from region to region between 57% and 65%, which shows great improvement from previous years where in some regions employee engagement was less than 50%

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