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Demystifying SEO?

Everyone in the world wants to rank higher in search engines but only a few know how to achieve that goal. When we start demystifying SEO it is important to remember that there is no "one size fits all", what works for a business might not work for another. The...

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responsive web design pdf

Responsive web design? This term is used to describe websites that not only work on any browser, operating system or screen size but those that are optimized for mobile/handheld devices (having most users glued to their mobile screens nowadays)Not having a responsive...

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How much to pay for social media services?

Find out what you would normally expect to pay for social media services, listed by each activity you might be looking to hire for!         In order to get your company active on social media, you need someone who will manage these services. Unless you have someone in...

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Are you delighting your customers?

I can imagine 99% will say YES right away. But my next question is: “how do you know ? ” The truth is you don’t! or maybe you “kind of ” know because you survey them once or twice a year and look at the social media interactions (for those who use it!)

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