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Here’s the TRUTH:
Most modern websites look good from an Aesthetics perspective but do they really Work?

Many business owners have websites that aren’t converting despite the effort and money spent on them, think about it:

  • Do you really know how your website is performing right now?
  • Do you want to find out why your website isn’t converting as it should?
  • Are there any underlying issues?
  • How about your website’s core vitals? Are you going to be SEO penalized by Google?
  • Are there any quick improvements that you can do yourself to improve the performance of your website?
Complimentary Website Audit

About Amr – The Internet Guy

A certified e-commerce/e-business consultant specialized in online services. I’ve been building websites and helping people do business online since 2001! That’s when my clients nicknamed me: “Amr The Internet Guy”.

I work with entrepreneurs to solve Tech. issues & I founded HumanTalents to take the “Digital Pain” away so that everyone can focus on their clients instead of battling with Technology!
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