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19+ years of experience in Internet Technology!

✔ Specialized in WordPress, WooCommerce & Divi.
✔ If it’s broken, we’ll fix it.
✔ If you can imagine it, we’ll build it.
✔ If it’s slow, we’ll speed it up.

HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

Web Design & Maintenance,

Building Websites that “Convert” For Small & Medium Businesses

HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

Websites that Work

Our approach to web design and development is unique—we’re equally focused on form and function. A website that works is a website that turns browsers into buyers.
When we build a site, our goal is always to create a compelling, unique design that works for your business model … tailored to you and optimized for conversion.

Website redesign and refresh

If your website is dated, broken, or just not performing as it could you don’t need a whole new website. You just need a refresh.
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Custom Website Design

Going online? Let’s design and develop a custom website that’s tailored to you and built to work. Contact Us for details.

P.S. This option takes 6-12 weeks depending on functionality.


We take a collaborative approach to SEO. We work with you to develop an SEO strategy you understand, you control, and is aligned with your business goals Learn More…

  • 18.5 million websites are hacked every week. Proper, timely, expert website maintenance and security is your best defense. Our flat-rate website care plans make sure your website is always up-to-date and serving your business.
  • White Label plans also available for agencies, Check out the Plans Here

No More Fighting with Technology!


We can figure out and fix just about anything tech-related:
servers, hosting, DNS, email, security, updates, upgrades, or backups. We’ve been doing this since 2001. We’ve seen it all.
We specialize in the unglamorous technical tasks most web designers dread—like migrating websites to a new host or domain, email migrations (MX records, anyone?), SSL set-up, and page speed optimization. Just call us to eliminate these types of tasks from your to-do list.

Specialized Fast & secure hosting for Web Designers
  • Start on the right foot with the fastest secure shared hosting plans that have enough resources (CPU/Memory/SSD) to host a medium-large web architecture with affordable scale-up options.
  • Improved page loading speeds without the need for premium plugins
  • Optimized by Default for WordPress & the Divi Theme, Click for More Details
White-label service: A TECHIE BY YOUR SIDE

The modern web is hyper-connected—and shockingly fragile. If you’re a web designer, you know that if just one part of a website breaks, the whole system can come crashing down. And then you have clients calling you to fix it. But who do you call when you need something fixed, fast? Let us save your time and sanity.

HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

We serve Web Designers and Digital Agencies too!

Building a website is like building a house! You need a solid foundation, good plumbing & electrical, and a sturdy framework before you can bring the interior designer!
Designers love to focus on creative & visual design, so they partner with us to provide them with “website plumbing services” like hosting & back-end support, website speed optimization, DNS, and e-mail configuration/migration etc.

Hi, I’m Amr

A certified e-commerce/e-business consultant specialized in online services. I’ve been building websites and helping people do business online since 2001! That’s when my clients nicknamed me: “Amr The Internet Guy”.
I work with entrepreneurs to solve Tech. issues & I founded HumanTalents to take the “Digital Pain” away so that everyone can focus on their clients instead of battling with Technology! Connect on LinkedIn?

  • Web Design & Development
  • Customer Success
  • SEO & Internet Marketing
  • e-commerce
  • Website plumbing (back-end) Services
HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websitesHumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websitesHumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websitesHumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websitesHumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

Don’t just take our word for it

Featured Work

Website Redesign

SilentLights Website Redesign

SilentLights’ old website was outdated, did not serve its brand and had no conversions.

They needed to refresh & modernize the design, add their work portfolio and have a clear call to action (CTA) for people to send inquiries/request installation.
We built a modern website that they are proud of, one that looks good, loads fast and converts visitors into prospects and we also secured communication with SSL encryption and enhanced email deliverability from the site.

HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites
HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

Website Development

Clayburn Pet Hospital

Clayburn pet hospital had a site built on one of the instant web builders, that came with a clumsy + unintuitive content management interface. On top of this it came with monthly charges and a fee for every change! They were boxed-in.
We freed them, using WordPress and Divi to give them a good looking website that grows with their business, allows them to easily make changes as they wish, add events, sections and have blog posts that get automatically shared on their social media channels.     


CoolTech Gadgets

This one of our fully-fledged e-commerce stores. Built using the versatile WooCommerce engine which makes importing and exporting items/products a breeze. (including all their images and their different variations) WooCommerce is very flexible and grows with your business, there are no monthly or annual fees and you are in full control. It has an intuitive, easy to use back-end, making it easier to run the whole business online even if you are not a techie.

HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

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HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

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HumanTalents Tech. | We build, fix & optimize websites

Online! EP22 Customizing services to help your customer and your brand

My guest for this episode is Moe Manavipour the co-founder of Mary hill fit body Bootcamp,
We discuss his journey and how he switched from IT to Fitness Bootcamps, franchising and pivoting online.
How he and his wife Layla customized fitness training and won challenges while helping the local community.
Moe explains how “making personal training affordable” helped them differentiate their new business in an industry that has fierce competition!

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