Website plumbing services by a certified website plumber!

Website plumbing services by a certified website plumber!
February 22, 2019
written by Amr "The Internet Guy!"
Website plumbing services by a certified website plumber!

tHE Website plumber 🙂

Fixing Websites 

The first time one of customers called me the website plumber I was not sure what to think, for a geek like me with background in Networking and software, it sounded strange because real plumbing is not really my forte! 

But when I started to jokingly use the term “website plumbing” it proved to be fun and gave people an instant idea of what I do and what we at HumanTalents Tech. Canada are uniquely known for.

So what does a website plumber do?

Websites develop all sorts of problems over time, things like being clogged and sluggish (not loading fast enough) or other issues such as SSL security, or a misconfigured DNS resulting in page errors or too many redirections that negatively affects user experience and SEO ranking.

Website plumbing is Available in our the website care maintenance and security plans: 
The work we do includes (but not limited to)

  • Infrastructure/hosting/vps or server back-end work.
  • Migrating ‘Moving” your website to a new hosting provider.
  • Re-configuration of your domain email server.
  • Migrating your company’s email system to Gsuite or Microsoft365.
  • Installation and configuration of an SSL certificate.
  • Fixing the “website security” error or the “site not secure” browser alert.
  • Setting-up/fixing DNS & redirection.
  • Optimizing page loading and setting up CDN – networks & CloudFlare etc. for extra speed and security.
  • Customized and secure setup configuration & maintenance of WordPress, including themes and plugins.
  • Integration with other online platform & configuration of mailing/Auto responder apps (like MailChimp/ConvertKit…)
  • Adding features to your website like:
    A real-time online booking system, online helpdesk/customer support, Chatbots and more…

Website Maintenance Plans


Like your car, your website needs to be reliable and run at optimum condition.
Our website security and maintenance plans are designed to do just that!

Automatic themes and plugins updates can BREAK your site! Not to mention WordPress core updates like WP 5 with Gutenberg!
And since every single plugin comes from a different place, there is a chance that some plugins won’t co-exist and play nicely together. 

Click HERE for details

Everyone needs a "Web Guy"


Our co-founder Amr Selim has been in the field of Internet Technology since Y2K, he helped develop and implement web services/online platforms that helped (and continue to help) millions of users in more than 15 countries.
Amr became a certified internet webmaster and e-commerce, e-business expert in back in 2001/2002 and was dubbed “Amr The Internet Guy” before the new nickname of “The Website Plumber” was bestowed upon him in 2017 🙂 Amr enjoys troubleshooting and fixing problems as well as giving older websites a make-over or a Turbo-boost!

Get Great customer experience:

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Website Redesign and Refresh

Website Maintenance and Security

Website Updates and Upgrades

WordPress Expertise

Troubleshooting and Fixing websites