How to Speed Up WordPress and make it more secure

How to Speed Up WordPress and make it more secure

A step by step guide to speed up your WordPress website and improve its security

It is a well-known & well-documented fact that WordPress is one of the best frameworks/technologies of our time, not only that it runs more than 30% of all websites in the world, but it continues to grow and attract more developers and users.

One of the best features of WordPress is the availability of thousands of plugins that extend its functionality, without the user having to learn code, and in most cases, you can deploy a fully functional version of a WordPress website in a matter of minutes, then convert it to an e-commerce store using the WooCommerce plugin, and both WordPress, as well as WooCommerce, are free.


Being that popular amongst business owners also makes WordPress the No.1 target of hackers.
While the development of WordPress itself and its security is never a problem, 3rd party plugins and other factors like “hosting” contribute in a major way to the overall security of a website running WordPress.
Websites in general (and WordPress websites in particular) need proactive maintenance & security in order to keep running smoothly (like cars and oil change!)
Dated plugins, Themes, Hosting configuration (PHP, etc.) can leave your website vulnerable to hacking or malware.


Hire a professional to take care of your website security, maintenance, updates, and backups, many professionals offer WordPress website care plans. as well as other WordPress Speedup solutions.
Learn how to fully tune-up your WordPress Website and maintain it periodically to keep it safe/secure and running in optimum condition.

For that, I have compiled an easy to follow step-by-step tuneup guide that you can download for free.


Learn how to choose the Right Hosting in under 5 minutes!

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