Are you a “small business” owner in a difficult position during COVID-19?
You are not alone!

HumanTalents Tech

It’s no secret that every single business has been hit hard by the Pandemic, and many of us lost a sizable chunk of our income!
Here’s what I did to bounce back.

Amr Selim and Josh Hall podcast

I was honored to be Josh Hall’s guest on episode #51 of his famous Web Design podcast.
Josh rightfully Titled this episode:

Pivoting to Web Design During a Pandemic with Amr Selim

In this episode, we both share our experience as well as many tips not only about web design but about business, pivoting, and life!
It’s my way of “giving back, and I hope it helps you get better and back on your feet.
Wishing YOU Success, Stay Positive and enjoy the podcast, Cheers!

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