5 tips to make your website design great again!A few days ago I joined an amazing FB group (Digital Nomad Mastery) and was interviewed by my fellow Vancouverite and The Digital Nomad: @RickyShetty

Here’s the full video. In our follow-up FB conversation, Rick had asked me for the tips that I would give to other Digital Nomads who want to create amazing websites for their businesses.
So Here are my 5 tips to make your website design work for your business.

  1. Remember you are building an online business, not a website (so you need to think of things like fulfillment, support/ customer service, payment gateway, integration with other systems etc.)
  2. DO NOT get sucked into SEO before you are ready, you don’t want to bring traffic to your website before you are ready to deal with it. (would you invite people over to your house if you have no chairs!)
  3. Have a way to measure your website’s return on investment – whether you build it yourself or pay to have it done it is an investment, always ask yourself: “how will I measure the performance of my website?” Is it the number of leads I’ll get? Or the number of clicks on an ad or offer? What is my cost per lead or per transaction?
  4. Always have a call to action on your home page (ask yourself, when people come to my website, what exactly am I going to ask them to do there?)
  5. The call to action must be above the fold, this means that it must be visible without the user having to scroll down.

You’d also want to make sure you don’t do any of these famous mistakes: 5 common mistakes in small business website design

Have a great day (and online Business) 5 tips to make your website design great again!?
Amr Selim (The Internet Guy)


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