What Website Design Courses would I recommend?

Great web design, CSS, SEO, Woocommerce & Cpanel online courses

Learn Web Design Online, SEO, CSS, Cpanel, or WooCommerce? Here’s the best place.

Here are some of the best courses in the industry from Josh Hall:

This post is dedicated to an amazing person, my good friend the one and only: Josh Hall who is having a “4th of July” sales on his excellent online courses!
I have reviewed his first published course a couple of years ago and I loved it, I learned something new even after being in this industry for nearly 20 years!

Josh is an amazing designer and person, he has helped me a lot these past 3 years, sometimes even without noticing!
pssst. he doesn’t know that I am writing this post 🙂

I would seriously recommend Josh’s courses to anyone wishing to learn website design, CSS, SEO, WooCommerce or Cpanel, these courses are great for anyone considering doing business in web design or anyone who has recently switched to Divi and wants to master it.

The individual courses start at $162 during this 4th of July Sale. And the whole bundle goes for about 1000 bucks! Great investment guys, I would not have done a better job if I had made those courses myself (and maybe that’s why I am no longer training!)

Check them out here: https://joshhall.co/web-design-courses/

I have no idea how long his sale will last, but judging from the name “4th of July” probably just 3-4 days
The links that I posted here are not “affiliate links” and I am not a reseller or anything, I am on his mailing list so when I received this email about the sale, I have decided to share the info.

What do students say about Josh’s Courses:  


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Great web design, CSS, SEO, Woocommerce & Cpanel online courses

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