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Responsive web design?

This term is used to describe websites that not only work on any browser, operating system or screen size but those that are optimized for mobile/handheld devices (having most users glued to their mobile screens nowadays)
Not having a responsive website means that the majority of visitors won’t be able to use your website or find what they came for since they will be using a mobile device like a smartphone to browse websites.
But do you need a responsive web design pdf or a responsive design tutorial in order to explore this concept in greater detail and understand it? Probably not!

The concept isn’t that complicated at all, most web developers and the majority of the mainstream WordPress themes these days use responsive web design by default. It is always a good idea for you to check their work on different screen sizes and access it/interact with their websites from your mobile device, before working with them, so you just need a quick responsive web design test from a user’s perspective (your testing needs to include this very website!)

A word of caution:
Having a responsive website isn’t all you need though, yes it is very important but you also need to have a website that works for your business and gets results, it needs to be engaging and provide value to your website users/visitors.

Happy to answer your questions.
All the best.
Amr Selim, “The Internet Guy”

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