BEST way to improve customer experience? Give them your EARS!Last week I was having coffee with a friend and as we discussed December, Christmas, and their office events, she told me how her company has recently switched restaurants because of one bad experience! Even though they have been using and recommending that restaurant for more than 3 years. One bad experience was all it took for this Canadian restaurant to lose 8,000 to 9,000 dollars a year in corporate events, frequent staff/visitor/customer lunches/meetings etc.

The problem was that there was no quick and easy way for the customer to tell the restaurant owner about what or who has upset them, in a timely fashion to ensure that they will take corrective action and apply – what we in the service business call: “customer recovery”! – quickly and correctly. There was nothing more than an online survey that wastes more of the customer’s time and an e-mail address on the website that no one replies to in a reasonable time!

Surely she could have spoken to the manager but would everyone do that? Not necessarily!
And sometimes the manager is the person to blame for that bad experience you are having anyway! Her solution: “Never go back again + tell everyone you know about it!”

This could happen to ANY business!

Hopefully not yours!
In this specific case, my friend’s colleague was the person who organizes their corporate events and controls the budget, Ouchhh!!!!  She made sure everyone in her company was aware of her recent bad experience / unresolved issues with that specific restaurant and that was it!
Luckily she did not publish anything on her social media. (Other customers with similar experience may do!) but …

BEST way to improve customer experience? Give them your EARS!Imagine how busy this time of the year is for the hospitality & restaurant industry, it must be CRAZY! More events, the larger number to serve, all at around the same time, it must be crazy!

With everyone being extra busy – including restaurant managers – it is very likely that YOU will miss a lot of valuable feedback that your customers have about the service they are receiving!

The majority may just want to say: “Thank you” for a great service but would be reluctant to take outdated, slow response surveys or draconian printed forms! Others may need a quick “service recovery” or they will defect!

Would YOU want to get that feedback? 

Luckily it is 2016, and you don’t have to settle for last century’s printed feedback forms/smiley faces or last decade’s online surveys that the majority of customers hate! (including me – Sorry I don’t do surveys!)

But there is a brilliant and fully mobile customer insights + feedback engine that just arrived in Canada, it continues to help more than 2,600 customers in Europe, to engage with, satisfy and retain more customers and has successfully delivered more than 100,000 feedbacks to date!
It is called Staffino and it will instantly give you more ears to lend to your customers!

Honestly, if you are asked to give your feedback, which one of the below methods would you choose?

BEST way to improve customer experience? Give them your EARS!

As you see, Staffino makes giving feedback a click of a button from any mobile device, no long surveys, no forms to fill, no callbacks and no hassle!

  • It will help you improve the customer experience while keeping your customers and your staff engaged.
  • It allows you to get real-time feedback from your customers and instantly respond from your mobile + fix any issue right there and then!
  • Its dashboard has smart analytics that shows you how your service looks “in the eyes of your customers”, it will easily identify your best performing staff members who are delighting customers as well as those who are not.
  • There will be no need to waste time checking and responding to multiple social media channels or change anything in your IT or business infrastructure.

BEST way to improve customer experience? Give them your EARS!

Every single business owner/director who got Staffino was surprised with the response + the positive feedback they were getting, way past any response rate from other channels.They discovered that more than 85% of their customers really appreciated them (and in many cases 93%+)

The best way to learn about Staffino, is to let it work for you!

GET Staffino TODAY >>

YOU have nothing to lose, give it a try and let’s not lose any customers this month!
You don’t have to take our word for it, check what existing customers are saying.

Wishing you a wonderful and more successful CX in 2017.

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