Businesses ignoring website optimization and pagespeed
are paying dearly!


Are you throwing your money into a black Internet hole?

speed up website loading timeWebsite Optimization is not a hype and is certainly worth it,
some of the benefits are:

  1. It provides a much better user experience.
  2. It improves your Google SEO ranking.
  3. It improves your conversion rate & plugs-in a HUGE “money leak” in your lost revenue!


Ignore Google pagespeed results and you’ll be made to pay dearly!

Improving WordPress page loading speed is a delicate science because you always need to strike that balance between speed and visual design.
Go crazy with web optimization and the aesthetics will suffer! Fill your page with large great-looking full-width graphics and you’ll lose more than 70% of your prospects who got bored of waiting for the page to load! Balance is KEY!

How can I fix my slow website?

  1. The long-term fix that yields the greatest page speed optimization result is: resizing + compressing all the graphics, as well as compressing & combining all other page elements like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, then deciding when each of these elements should load!
    However, not all Themes support that, some do, some partially do and others don’t, so in those specific cases this will completely break the design! NOTE: A simple free caching plugin will not cut it! And a Premium one still needs to configured correctly.

    But how fast should my website loading speed be?
    In theory, you want the homepage to load in 2 seconds or under, according to Google’s pagespeed test (or other tools: GtMetrix , Pingdom etc.) If – for a good reason – your homepage is heavy on graphics (example: you are a photographer or a web designer and you have many images from your portfolio on the homepage) you can go up to 2.5 seconds, Anything more than 2.5 seconds load time and you will be heavily penalized in SEO ranking and slapped with a much heavier loss: Revenue!

    “Check the video at the bottom of this post where I demonstrate Google’s new website testing tool and their lost revenue calculator!”

2. The “Short Term” fix -if you don’t like to fiddle with code and back-end stuff- is to migrate your website to a better hosting plan that has more resources i.e CPU power and more than 1GB of memory (2GB is great).
Also, make sure that you are hosted on a hosting plan that has SSD! Hosting alone can shave off a whole second (or more) of your loading time, NOW imagine if you can do both fixes.

We know that most business owners and web designers/agencies hate to fiddle with back-end code and hosting optimization,
That is exactly why we created a WordPress performance speed & website Optimization package to speed up your website by up to 80% (OR MORE)
See the difference for yourself (the below images of before and after optimization) Contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Wishing you success.

Amr – The Internet Guy!

WordPress performance speed service to speed up your website load time
WordPress performance speed service to speed up your website load time

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