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HumanTalents Canada

Amr Selim Founder & Director

We leverage our 25+ years of Leadership & Technology Expertise to help businesses improve THEIR customer experience.

Improving customer experience brings HUGE benefits like:  Increased sales, profitability and higher customer retention.


Let your Human Talents make the difference!

More than 75% of the experience that customers get from a service provider is a result of “Human Interaction” That’s why we focus on improving people first.
You can drastically improve that experience by getting customer insights “in real-time” and linking it directly to your employee performance. This part is covered in our business improvement program, step 1: “listen to your customers.”

We’ll work with you on improving employee productivity & efficiency, assist you in fostering a better work environment that drives employee motivation, engagement and lower employee turnover! We will also provide or recommend the best tools to improve CX.


Customer Success

We practice what we preach! And aim to deliver a great customer experience to you too. We’ll Partner with you for long term success” it’s like having an extension of your team for the full duration of the engagement.
It is not about platforms, apps or software licenses, it is all about working with you and your team to attain the set goals in a timely manner and help you align people, process and technology in order to achieve more.


Are you in the service industry?

If you are in Retail, Automotive services, Telecom / Wireless & Cable, Hospitality / Restaurants & Coffee shops, Design & Print services, Passenger Transportation, Logistics / Courier, Retail Banking / Insurance, Utilities & Energy supply, Medical Services, IT Services / Call center / Outsourcing, Education or even Government Services …

We’ll be happy to improve your performance, leading to better customer experience (CX) for your customers and higher profitability + growth for your business.


Our area of expertise:

  • Voice of the customer – VOC
  • Service excellence
  • CRM & Customer insights
  • Leadership
  • Talent acquisition
  • Learning & development
  • Employee engagement
  • Staff motivation & retention

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Our solutions are working for many organizations, including:

The HumanTalents way


HumanTalents customer

We were pleased with the services delivered by HumanTalents’ team, they have great knowledge of their tools & technology in general, we would highly recommend them.

Sarah Williams

Director of Talent, ViaWeb US.


Are you delighting your customers?

I can imagine 99% will say YES right away. But my next question is: “how do you know ? ” The truth is you don’t! or maybe you “kind of ” know because you survey them once or twice a year and look at the social media interactions (for those who use it!)

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Port Moody, BC, Canada

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