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What we Do!

Small Business Services

  • Fix or redevelop a website that doesn’t work, has issues or doesn’t convert.
  • Take care of the website’s security, daily backups, infrastructure updates & patches.
  • Fix slow loading websites optimizing for speed and for Google.
  • Add functionality like online appointments booking or Chat/Customer service helpdesk, connect your website to your CRM system or mailing list/e-marketing system/Funnels etc.
  • SSL certificate installation and configuration, DNS, E-mail server configuration.
  • Fix your email servers so that your sent mail does not end up in spam.
  • Move/Migrate your website to a new hosting provider without downtime.
  • Email & users migration to Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365.
  • Help you choose the best online video conferencing, collaboration, CRM or accounting/invoicing tools.

Enterprise Services

  • SaaS customer success services (contract | Remote | Outsourcing)
  • Technical consulting services – Solution implementation and support.
  • Helping Leaders with the Selection & implementation of  (CRM/ATS/E-learning/E-commerce/Performance Management/Employee engagement/customer experience tools and more…)  

Let’s help you succeed online without breaking the bank!

Amr Selim Our Founder & success champion is Amr Selim the Certified Internet technology & business consultant, with expertise in online technology implementation, project management, and customer success.”
His friends called him “The Internet Guy” because of his passion for the Internet and how it makes business more efficient & life much easier!
Amr has managed projects in e-commerce, e-services, eLearning/blended learning, CRM, HR & performance management as well as Customer Experience & Engagement, Website development, Social Media & Digital Marketing. He has helped many businesses transform their websites & social media presence, into functional business tools that create leverage & provide real service value to their customers.

Our mission is: To improve the bottom-line of our clients, by improving their customer experience both online and offline!

Let's help you IMPROVE your online brand, presence & services!

HumanTalents Tricities, BC, Canada

The HumanTalents way

Online Success?

It is not a term that you will hear every day! What it means to us is partnering with you and having a vested interest in your success on the web, we don’t “set it and forget it!”, we ensure that “it” works, it’s fit for its purpose and you are happy with it!
Many people and small business owners get puzzled by the rapid changes in the world of Internet and other technologies that made its way to our business and personal lives.

Words like responsive, web design, WordPress, website development, hosting, CSS, code, HTML, Javascript, software as a service, cloud, app development, e-learning, e-services, digital marketing, SEO etc. can be challenging to some people, prompting them to think that it is too complicated and expensive to handle!
Luckily this is what we are good at and what we want to take care of & take that headache away from you so that you concentrate on your customers.

As a small business, we want to help small businesses like us get better results online and offer more services + better experience to their customers, without it costing them an arm and a leg! We are aware of the financial constraints and startup challenges, that is why we strive to offer a great service at a reasonable investment and have special pricing for Canadian Startups.

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Demystifying SEO?

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responsive web design pdf

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Website Security and Maintenance

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