Website Maintenance & Security Plans for WordPress websites

Maintenance, Optimization & Security for your Website!

WordPress security, website maintenance, updates and optimization service, protect your investment and your online business today!

Website Updating & Optimization

Included in the plan!


Website Protection & Security

Included in the plan!

Cloud Backups

Included in the plan!

Why do I need a website maintenance plan?

Like taking your car to the dealership for regular maintenance and oil change to keep it running at the optimum condition and prevent unpleasant or costly problems! We do exactly the same for your website. Your website is not only a valuable investment, but an important component of your business success as well, you should protect it from vulnerabilities, malware, and hackers who could possibly take it down, change or destroy its content, damage your brand reputation as well as your Google rank! It is very important to keep the infrastructure and the framework of your site secured, updated and ensure that it functions well & runs efficiently all the time!




All our plans include regular cloud backups, active scanning, security checks & fixes, WordPress core updates/upgrades as well as themes & plugins updates. We also test those updates and fix any issues.

We have also added 30 minutes of content updates each month (for updating your text, images etc.)
Our WordPress maintenance plans are designed to give you peace of mind, we will look after your website and fix anything that needs fixing, especially if you encounter unforeseen issues with updates and plugins.

5 Websites Package (For designers & Agencies)

White Labelled & Resellable!
$TBA/(Canadian Dollars)
  • Website Updates & Optimization: WordPress core upgrades, themes & plugins updates.
  • Website Speed Optimization: Increase the site loading speed & Database optimization.
  • Protection & Security: Active defense & real-time monitoring, Firewall, Weekly malware and spam scans.
  • Regular Backups and Restore points: Site restore/updates roll-backs…
  • Monthly Reports
  • Up to 2 hours of content updating service included in this plan!

While having an active, ongoing maintenance and security plan dramatically increases your website’s security and reduces the risk, No plan can guarantee a 100% protection against hacking or cyber attacks!
Our current success rate is a 100% safe & secure – but online security, like any other type of security – is relative and depends on many other aspects, some of which are out of our control (example: Other website users, Integrations with other tools, phishing, the hosting provider, your DNS service etc…)

Much like a car, having it regularly checked and serviced on time will reduce the risk of a malfunction but does not necessarily guarantee a 100% that it won’t get hit by another driver or become subject to bad road conditions, or develop issues as a result! Servicing certainly makes it more reliable and less likely to stop working without warning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple sites?

We have special packages for those who have more than website if you have 2 to 5 sites or more than 5 contacts us for a personalized proposal.
If you are a Graphic or Web designer looking to offer added value to your clients, we can do that for you as a “subcontractor” – where we act as your business associates and the work will be done & delivered under your company’s brand.

What is your refund policy?

Our website maintenance plans are on a “month-to-month” basis and there are no contracts, you can start at any time and cancel when you feel like it – no questions asked! If you cancel in the middle of the 30 days billing cycle, your account and service will remain active until the end of the 30 days cycle then get canceled.
Due to the “digital service” nature of this product, we do not offer refunds on the month-to-month plans, the only refund is for those who pay annually – if they chose to cancel within 12 months of signing-up they will get a “pro-rated” refund on cancellation for the unused period.

Why do I need a plan when I can update WordPress myself?

One of the best features of WordPress is its ease of use and quick “learnability”, this makes it easier for many to update and upgrade their WordPress website themselves, however, with frequent updates to the framework as well as the Themes and Plugins some updates can often break or slow down your website, that’s why you need an experienced and professional person to do it safely, ensuring everything will run as good as intended, someone who can fix things for you when they go wrong, or roll-back and restore from backups – if the problem isn’t fixable.

How does it work?

Once you complete our sign-up process you will be presented with the instructions (you should also receive an e-mail with the same information) – Generally, we will need you to provide us with the website url as well as the WordPress main Administrator credentials. In most cases, this will be sufficient for us to start the service. We may also need a login to your hosting account (or cpanel) to tighten up security and properly configure our backup services, Once we have those credentials we will take it from there. No need to worry about anything else.

If I am on your Maintenance plan does that mean my site will never be attacked?

As we mentioned in our disclaimer no plan can make a website 100% secure, some aspects of online security will be out of your control and ours, hacks and attacks happen all the time, our aim is to make them fail!
Here’s what we can do: “we’ll work on your website and perform all the standard security tweaks according to the industry’s best practices every month, we will also apply all the required patches and updates to WordPress and to your Themes & Plugins weekly. We will install a good firewall and auto scan + monitor your website on a daily basis and we will take swift actions to neutralize any known or discovered threats. We will also protect your site from spam comments and optimize it (tune it) for performance. This ensures that your site is in pretty good shape and remains in a top functional condition.

Website Security and Maintenance

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