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Do I need an LMS to roll-out elearning for my customers?

Do I need an LMS to roll-out elearning for my customers? This is indeed a great question which is also a kind of a dilemma, especially for small business owners. You see, in the corporate world there is normally no effective eLearning without a good LMS (learning...

Share your post across the web, maintain SEO best practices & Google rank

So here is the interesting scenario, you create a new post or article and want to share it across multiple blogs as well as on your social media networks. But there is a problem! Google and other search engines will not know which page or website is the original and...

Why you should never worry about SEO and Google algorithm change

Fresh day, Fresh content, and that's the biggest SEO secret! So today was sunny with a breeze, great blue sky, and just the right temperature that makes you feel fresh! So I have decided to venture around and while I was walking under the trees I've also created a new...

5 Best Practices for Efficient Website Design

Good video and website design advice from Bluehost, even though they are not my web hosting providers, I like how this video is clear and easy to follow. Enjoy   Shared by Amr Selim "The Internet Guy"...

5 tips to make your website design great again!

A few days ago I joined an amazing FB group (Digital Nomad Mastery) and was interviewed by my fellow Vancouverite and The Digital Nomad: @RickyShetty Here's the full video. In our follow-up FB conversation, Rick had asked me for the tips that I would give to other...

WordPress 101: The Ultimate WPMUDEV Guide to Setting Up a Website

It is now easier than ever to start a WordPress Website on your own! This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know in order to set up your first WordPress site. And you know what? Even if you don’t have a geeky bone in your body, by the...

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