SEO Consulting & Coaching Services

Are you wasting your money with your current SEO practices?

Unlike other SEO experts that copy their basic content and switch the main topics to pass as semi-useful blog posts, we know the only people who can write good content that both the humans and the search engines will find useful, are the business owners themselves! YES it is you!

You are the only expert on your business

That’s why we offer our services as consultants for SEO. not “done for you SEO” It’s really the best any outsider to YOUR business can be.

We offer SEO coaching and can help you build a sustainable strategy that gives you the time you need to run your business and gain organic traffic instead of artificially inflating your traffic with little or no conversion.

If you want to read more about our SEO approach you can read about it on our blog or contact Amr now for a free consultation call to go over your SEO and your website to see if we can help spot what’s holding your customers back.

SEO Consulting and Coaching Service

What are our SEO principles?


Organic Traffic is Key

Buying ads is discouraged under our strategy for being highly costly with uncontrollable success.

It is more sustainable to build organic traffic by showing Google you are a reputable source through building consistent quality content in your area of expertise.

Your Website should be remembered by both humans and bots, but only serve humans

They are the ones that will read about and buy your products. The content should be geared to humans no question about it. But we will teach you how to optimize images, meta-data, and webpage structure to appeal to the SEO bots without sacrificing your creativity or style.


SEO is only a means to the end

We keep this tenet in mind which reminds us as business owners that all this time we are spending on SEO is all to drive traffic and sales. 

One mistake business owners can make is dedicating too much time on their SEO efforts and can neglect other more effective and profitable marketing like referrals which is how we at HumanTalents mainly get our business. 


Quality over Quantity!

We can help you make:

  • The custom SEO strategy that fits with the time and budget you have
  • Your organic search results rise through effective content plans
  • A website that looks and works so well that your visitors will want to come back

We are here to support your SEO journey and we love working with our customers.

You can get in touch with us to go over your SEO/website efforts now

What our Customers have said

“I would highly recommend HumanTalents Tech & Amr to anyone that is looking to improve their website or online presence.”
Mariko Baerg

Easy to work with, his knowledge and clarity on what a website should be doing for your business will help you get to the next level
-Gina Gonzalez

“Our site was so badly compromised, that our host (Siteground) actually took it down unexpectedly, leaving us with no web presence right in the middle of a small marketing campaign.

Amr, at Human Talents came highly recommended via a professional forum I’m on, and he certainly saved the day (quickly and without breaking the bank)

We’ll be using him for our development work going forward.

A knowledgable guy who delivers..”
-Steven Murray

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