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Episode 22 – Customizing your service goes a long way to differentiate your brand – With Moe Manavipour

Online! EP22 Customizing services to help your customer and your brand

Online! Episode 22:

🎧This is Online with Amr The Internet Guy! The show focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them become more successful in conducting their business on the web without being stuck with Technology 😱, getting a headache, pulling their hairs out, or buying expensive software!

My guest for this episode is Moe Manavipour the co-founder of Mary hill fit body Bootcamp,
We discuss his journey and how he switched from IT to Fitness Bootcamps, franchising and pivoting online.
How he and his wife Layla customized fitness training and won challenges while helping the local community.
Moe explains how “making personal training affordable” helped them differentiate their new business in an industry that has fierce competition!


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Announcer 00:00
Online with Amr the internet guy stream it today on your favorite podcast platforms. This podcast focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them become more successful and conducting their business on the web without being stuck with technology, getting a headache, pulling their hairs out or buying expensive software.

Amr The Internet Guy 00:16
Hey everyone, and welcome to episode number 23 of online. So first, before we start, I want to thank each and every one of you who have left a comment. These comments really make me happy. So please keep them coming. I’m glad that many of you are enjoying the show, even though each episode is about an hour. And believe me, I’m trying to cram every episode in like half an hour or maximum 40 minutes. But my idea is that when you come on my show as a guest, you’re kind of the star of the show. And I want to give you more opportunity to tell the world not only about what you do, but your story I do believe that each person who comes on the show adds a little bit of you know, experience and flair. So I don’t want to cut that short, but I’m working on even me talking less which is probably not possible. Today we have Mr. Moe Manavipoor and he takes us through his journey from it to Fitness Boot Camps. franchising, pivoting online for the first time, having to customize fitness, training, and winning challenges while helping the local community. Moe explains also how making a personal training affordable, helped him differentiate his new business in an industry that has a really fierce competition. So without further ado, let’s get in. Hey, Maura, how’s it going?

Moe Manavipour 01:58
I’m great. How are you?

Amr The Internet Guy 02:00
Oh, good. Thank you. So Moe, please, I want you to tell the audience where you’re located and what you do right now.

Moe Manavipour 02:08
So I personally live in Coquitlam So I’m not I’m not too far from, you know, you and the gym or the studio that we own very hippy boot camp is actually located in Port Coquitlam. On Maryhill bypass, and Broadway right in the Mary Hill business park. It’s a nice community to be in and have a business ended. So they’ve been there since July of 2019. Okay, that’s coming up to two years. Just no. Young company, if you if you go back in terms of age of companies, those are only a couple years old,

Amr The Internet Guy 02:49
young company. Yeah. What did you do before that?

Moe Manavipour 02:54
If it’s interesting, I wasn’t in fitness. Like, I didn’t do any fitness coaching or anything for our My background is it actually I spent 18 years in it, and doing sort of support and help us and help us management and outsource it project management and things like that, or medium sized companies, or years basically. And just faith added that you know, things happen then.

Amr The Internet Guy 03:24
So from a job that has you kind of sitting on a desk to a job that has you moving all the time?

Moe Manavipour 03:32

Amr The Internet Guy 03:34
I know that in it like not everyone is sitting on a desk. Of course when you say support, you’re probably going round and round installing networks and, and things like that. So there’s a lot of movement, but it’s not necessarily fitness.

Moe Manavipour 03:48
No. And to be honest, my job was basically sitting at the desk eight to 10 hours a day because I was a service manager and the technicians were doing all the work well you’re handling

Amr The Internet Guy 03:57
the tickets and distributing them on the team.

Moe Manavipour 04:01
You know, they got this the right things and the right people were working on the right staff and managing the project. There was some site visits and mucking around that that was a part that I really enjoyed the most dealing with the people and dealing with, you know, solving problems. And my wife later, she was a personal trainer and she was in fitness. And that’s Hi.

Amr The Internet Guy 04:27
So this is this is where you got the idea from

Moe Manavipour 04:30
basically Yeah, we wanted to start moving like since we got married, like 16 years ago, we wanted to work together. We wanted to do something together. But she was and we were in two different titles. Yeah. I wasn’t it and she hates survive. Hades is a strong word but she dislikes technology and she stays away from it as much as you can. unless she’s forced to use that this these days er, but she was a fitness and she loved That you enjoyed that. And, you know, around 2017 was when, you know, things happened and I ended up leaving the corporate world and starting my own like consulting business. And then you start talking, maybe we should start something for you maybe open up place. And soon I left my consulting on the side and on the back burner, and I jumped right in both either.

Amr The Internet Guy 05:31
We saw you had to have Lyla coaching you about that world?

Moe Manavipour 05:37
Basically, yeah, like I was a student for a while. And then now I’m taking on my own nutrition certifications and certifications. And because I deal with a lot of, you know, I coach people on various things that I have the knowledge now, there’s a need to certification to real to come comfortably. Code. Yeah. guide people, right.

Amr The Internet Guy 06:04
I’m interested to know, like, if, you know, because I, I’m trying not to mention COVID. Again, like we’ve had enough of that word already. But like, I’m going to 2019 when someone wants to venture into having a gym or a fitness club. What are the challenges? Like I mean, for somebody who’s never done it before, I always think the location is the biggest issue, because you need the space and things here are not cheap. But I’m sure there’s more than one challenge. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

Moe Manavipour 06:39
For us, the biggest challenge, as you said, was finding the right location, because rents are expensive, then you have to deal with the zoning and you’re allowed to have this type of business in this area, but the next building over you can’t and there’s a lot of regulations and zoning that you have to deal with to find the right spot. And then then you have to deal with you know, as is this going to actually work with, you know, rents being the way they are in Vancouver. People don’t realize what Yeah, they complain about residential rents being expensive. I’ll try a commercial restaurant, downtown Vancouver pays 50 to 100,000 a month in rent. I was like, excuse me. But when I started looking into it myself, for myself, I was like, wow, yeah. It’s not It’s not cheap at all, to try to get into a place, right. But after that, the next biggest challenge is getting the word out who the letting people know that you exist, letting people know, what you offer, and why are you different than, you know, the 1000 other gems that are, you know, within 10 blocks of you. So there’s a lot of competition out there, and you have to

Amr The Internet Guy 07:58
you have to be different. It’s a very competitive space. So when the idea first hit you, what did you think like, here’s what I see missing. And this is the gap that I want to fill. So what did you think was missing? Or? or How did you want to differentiate?

Moe Manavipour 08:18
So our biggest differentiator came down to time, like people spent hours at the gym, they go to the gym, and they’re there for like, an hour, two hours. Yeah. You know, I have family members that spend like two and a half hours every day, five days a week at the gym, even though you shouldn’t be doing that. But they do. And when you start thinking about it, like with this day and age with you know, we all go to this place. And if you got a family, you got to take your kids to this practice, and then from that practice of this dance, and then that job, like there’s a lot of things happening. So moms usually take care of a lot of this and they end up not taking care of themselves, they put themselves on hold because they got to take care of you know, the family and they take care of the kids needs and you know, extracurricular activities. So our workouts only 30 minutes. So from start to end, like all the workout, the warm up the cooldown, everything is 30 minutes, 30 minutes. And the second differentiator is, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a personal trainer, but personal training is extremely expensive to hire an actual personal trainer to coach you through.

Amr The Internet Guy 09:30
I haven’t but I know that it’s expensive.

Moe Manavipour 09:33
And the second part of that was making personal training affordable. We offer these we started the model was we did group personal training. So we had a group of people that we worked with and then train them a couple of personal trainers and work with them and you know that the whole like,

Amr The Internet Guy 09:54
this is like a class, right?

Moe Manavipour 09:57
Yes, yeah. You know, You know, the workout with the size that anybody at any level could do.

Amr The Internet Guy 10:05
And the trainer would pass to make sure that everyone is doing it right. So it’s not a one to one for the full length of the session. But it’s similar to one to one because they take care of every single person in the room.

Moe Manavipour 10:20
Yes, and they know their needs, they know their limitations, we have a lot of people with injuries and or recovering from previous surgeries and injuries, I have people that come in, they’ve had knee replacement than

Amr The Internet Guy 10:33
any other recovery, you can help them with the recovery.

Moe Manavipour 10:36
Yes, so we can help them strengthen their muscles around the joints and get a full, they improve the full body and full mobility. I’ve had people avoid knee surgery after coming in for the sessions with. That’s right. So the idea came from it needs to be short. And it needs to be the absolute most bang for your buck. And essentially, you need to get the most for the time you’re putting in. And you shouldn’t need to do it more than three times a week. So that’s where the idea came from. And then third party is actually a franchise isn’t us franchise. So we started looking into it more. And we liked the culture and what they were offering and what they stand for, which is transforming lives and helping people.

Amr The Internet Guy 11:26
Can you see the name again, please more? I think you said it too quickly. Fit Body Boot Camp is the Body Boot Camp. Yes, that’s the name of the gym. And it’s the franchise.

Moe Manavipour 11:36
Yes. And our location is called Maryhill Fit

Amr The Internet Guy 11:38
Body Boot Camp, very healthy body boot camp. And you’re saying that the idea around that is that you can do your full workout in 30 minutes. And the differentiator was that you can do everything in 30 minutes. And you also have a professional personal trainer available. So not only

Moe Manavipour 11:58
available, so they’re designing the workout for you and through the workout. Okay, so

Amr The Internet Guy 12:04
and that’s for every time you come to the gym, right? It’s not a great time,

Moe Manavipour 12:09
every time and the workouts are different every time. So you don’t end up doing the same repetitive workouts.

Amr The Internet Guy 12:16
That’s interesting. So there’s a customization for every kind of for every person. But instead of you paying the personal trainer on your own, which will be expensive, because you’re only one person taking the trainers time. It’s a group of people, but still, each one of them can get some kind of customization I mean, I’m assuming it’s not going to be fully customized because it’s a group of people. But if somebody is recovering from an injury or has a higher or a lower ability that can be adjusted within the group.

Moe Manavipour 12:51
That’s that that’s the beauty of a hammer. It is customized for every single person that participates in the sessions. Because as I said, I we have a lot of different injuries I have somebody recovering or they can’t do let’s say we’re doing lunges or squats and

Amr The Internet Guy 13:10
yeah, like I hit my knees, I’m not strong enough, yeah,

Moe Manavipour 13:14
I can’t do squats, well, that move gets modified. So you work the same muscle group. So you’re strengthening your muscles. So you can eventually work your way towards doing good squad prospering safely. But the workout is literally redesigned for you. So just because you know, the other five or six, seven people are doing squats, and he can do squats. That doesn’t mean you stand there and watch while they go through the mountains or do something else, you get the same muscle group working not working just slightly different. You might be on your back doing something different working your core, you might be doing like, you know, with some sort of support or tr x. You’re doing this supported squats. So you’re doing a wall squat. So there’s a lot of modifications that that personal trainers and coaches create right on the spot for people that need the adjustments done, right. And they also are there to push you so you know people get you know, this hurts a little bit. I’m not going to go as hard. But they’re there to help you push your limits and get that extra rep because that’s how you grow. That’s how your body grows and gets stronger. Right?

Amr The Internet Guy 14:26
Yes. Sounds good. I have a question. But I think my lighting has an issue. I look pink somehow. So I’m gonna pause for a sec and go check the lighting.

Moe Manavipour 14:37

Amr The Internet Guy 14:39
You have good lighting, I can see like, it’s right on your face and you look vibrant. And I look like I just came out of the grave somehow like so more like if this was going on in 2019 and then you had people coming in, and I’m assuming for every space does it capacity. So what is the capacity? How many people can be there at one time, in normal days, like in, you know,

Moe Manavipour 15:06
before, before this whole thing started and the pandemic had figured we could do easy 3030 people by 25 to 30 per session that we ran. Okay. So, and then we, you know, we obviously had rotations and a group, we’re doing one thing, and then a different group. So that will be divided into like, three, four groups, and there’ll be moving around. But then, within all the new restrictions and everything that’s happening, we’ve had to, as I said, we’ve had to revamp our business model, literally four times we have started a new business, essentially, if we think about it, for the fourth time, to be able to keep people active, keep people healthy, keep people moving forward, instead of being stuck trying to figure out what do i do and under house this Terry age, which that basically puts them at a higher risk.

Amr The Internet Guy 15:59
I’m interested to know what happens like Okay, so the first time was probably what, like, March last year?

Moe Manavipour 16:08
Yeah. 20 2020, March 17. was when we were told to

Amr The Internet Guy 16:14
happen they told you to close down first completely right,

Moe Manavipour 16:18
everybody. lockdown, first lockdown happened, order came in, everything had to be shut down for you know, from what was a March to June basically. And thankfully, with the as I said, I have a bi t background. So that was the lifesaver for me. Because I literally jumped on, open up a zoom account, and bought a webcam. And actually, I borrowed one from home for my kids, just to have the webcam, had a tripod, I took the TV home from home to the location, we put it literally on a chair, we had a TV on a chair, sort of like there, and then a laptop hooked up to a camera, and we went on zoom the next day. So you bring right we deliver trainers,

Amr The Internet Guy 17:11
they have to be alone in a room, but they’re there. And then you broadcast, right. So you’d broadcast the training to the people watching at home or

Moe Manavipour 17:22
Yes, trying to exercise with the trainer. They were actually doing zoom where the cameras on and the trainers are actually doing going through the workouts and also doing one correction. So they’re looking at the TV, that’s why we had a TV and saying hey, Susie, you know, go down little oil squats and maybe, you know, straighten your back there doing all this

Amr The Internet Guy 17:43
means also that you had to modify the training because people at home don’t have the equipment.

Moe Manavipour 17:49
Yes. So one of the things like things happen for a reason. And before we sort of got into this whole gym and open up a studio, we actually design and broaden our own brand of resistant bands. Under custom bodies fitness, this is our own brand. And I’ve had all this inventory sitting around for a year, year and a half essentially that you know, we didn’t do anything with

Amr The Internet Guy 18:23
lots of bands. Yeah,

Moe Manavipour 18:25
yes, different resistant bands, like you know, bands that the exchange handles put handles on the door. And a whole kit is a full workout kit that you can use and take anywhere with you. And so when this whole thing happened, we literally went around and we hand delivered to every single one of our members. A package.

Amr The Internet Guy 18:45
That’s good. So you go knock on the door, here’s your equipment. Yes,

Moe Manavipour 18:49
literally, that’s what we did. And we delivered anybody that could pick it up, they picked it up and they couldn’t we I drove around town. And I dropped off workout kits at every member we had at their doors. And they use the bands that were using them for since March of 2020. And a lot of them are still online and working out with us online. Three, four or five times a week. That’s good.

Amr The Internet Guy 19:19
So your it background made you kind of like flexible, more flexible because like you know, if I have to close the location because I can’t get people in. I’m gonna take that online. And then you probably jumped on the zoom like if it’s early as March last year it was before they changed their security stuff. And it was all over like when they were having some problems.

Moe Manavipour 19:46
Were all that that’s pretty much they be close. I think we close on a Tuesday and our first live session was Wednesday evening or Thursday morning and My wife later, I’ve never done a workout in front of a camera or other coach, I’ve never done a workout in front of a camera to have to figure out, okay? What are the ways that people can actually do it at home and what equipment they buy, a lot of it has to be designed so people can do safely because that’s very important, or one of our biggest focus is on creating safe workouts. So doesn’t matter if someone is watching you or not, you can do it without risking major injury, you might be a little bit more sore, but you won’t end up hurting your yourself by doing the workouts. And to design the workout. It took a lot of energy and a lot of fun just trying to figure out how do we do this? And it’s funny, because you probably know as you start doing something, and then the more practice you have, the better you get at it. Yeah, so when I go back and watch the first video with it, it’s kind of funny looking at it now. And then we are up to I believe I just uploaded we have a member portal that they can access all the recorded videos as well. And we uploaded the 230/4 workout. Yes, well, so we have had 230 workouts that we have recorded that our members have access to that anytime they can go 24 seven. So it’s pretty

Amr The Internet Guy 21:27
interesting from you know, let’s use our it background and simplify things a little bit to the audience. But, you know, in general, like I haven’t, I have spoken to many people in the personal fitness space, especially during the past two or three months. And they were all at various stages from doing or taking their business to fully be online. Like the majority have some zoom classes, you know, they’ve pivoted, one way or another. And in most cases, they use something similar either zoom or Google meet or whatever. But none of them had already. I mean, some of them were probably working on it. Nowadays, it’s not ready. But none of them had actually thought about, you know what, let’s build a membership portal, where we have our members accessing the workouts. So is that something that you already had, or something that you built, because of necessity,

Moe Manavipour 22:29
it was something that I built because of necessity, because not everybody could jump on a live and we couldn’t be on a live zoom, you know, five, six times a day, because it’s one thing to coach a session or OBM. trainer and how people work out and you’re correcting them. It’s a different thing when you’re actually doing the workout yourself with?

Amr The Internet Guy 22:51
Yes, you can’t do it. You can’t repeat the workout 10 times a day. Exactly.

Moe Manavipour 22:54
Exactly. Right, you’re gonna you’re going

Amr The Internet Guy 22:57
to be recorded at some point.

Moe Manavipour 23:00
Right? So we’ve like from day one, we said, okay, we’re going to record this and post it. And even We started by emailing the link to the video to our members. And then a month into it. I figured, okay, this is just two. Step number

Amr The Internet Guy 23:15
one was just record this workout, upload it to a shared space, somehow it’s not a portal, it could be your Google Drive or whatever, right? Yeah. And just send the link to everyone who missed it, or even people who attended so that they have a reference, if they want to do it on their own tomorrow at some time. They don’t have to attend the live, they can do that. Exactly. And then what happens next was the next version of this

Moe Manavipour 23:41
app was well, we need to have an end to all of this, we actually ran a challenge we run a six week challenge online for because we were closed and we wanted to get people involved in active and keep them going through that challenge. We ended up creating a membership portal. And so they could access the the videos, we had mindset videos of your doing there was pre recorded workouts that they could access. Or they could jump on the zoom. And if they missed it, they could go to the video. And then our membership portal like it’s grown it basically since that day was the challenge

Amr The Internet Guy 24:17
for that because I understand that’s not it’s not an easy thing like I get a lot of consultation calls about creating a membership site. And usually my first question is, do you have content, because many people think about it, but they don’t have content to put in there yet. In my opinion. There’s no point to go spend any money and or time even if you know how to do it on your own without paying someone. If you don’t have something to put there, it will be a waste of your time you have to have your content first and then decide whether you know you can put that online or not whether your content can be consumed. This is the other thing whether it can be consumed without a trainer or teacher, some content can some content can’t.

Moe Manavipour 25:05
Right? Exactly, exactly. So, as I said, we had about a month worth of videos before we created the portal. So we had probably about 2030 videos. And then we had some that we got from, you know, other locations in the states that we’re recording as well. They shared some videos, so we

Amr The Internet Guy 25:26
can bring a lot of content from the. So they had

Moe Manavipour 25:29
all that together and said, Okay, well, this is our workout. And you also have access to all of this, you can also read, right? And then, over time, our own library has grown to the point that I don’t need to use any anybody else I have. As I said, I’ve got all the content. Yes, yes. Different 234 different workouts, and not even just different videos with the same workout. There are 234 different workouts, you can literally do one a day for the entire year, and not do the same workout flex.

Amr The Internet Guy 26:00
Well, that’s great. And when you’re looking at creating a portal for your members, I want you to give an advice for business owners who are not necessarily in the fitness space, but there are so many different businesses who are thinking about membership portals right now.

Moe Manavipour 26:26
Sorry, can you hear me now? Yeah. Okay, sorry. I think my we might have to edit this out. My wife connected to the carpet.

Amr The Internet Guy 26:37
You got your wire back?

Moe Manavipour 26:39
Yes. Okay. So, okay.

Amr The Internet Guy 26:43
I was saying, what would you How would you advise another business owner, who is not necessarily in the fitness space, but is thinking about creating a membership website? Or a membership portal? So what is the approach that you took? That you see working? And you know, what would be the advice? Like, what should they do where to look for it like, cuz most people they don’t even know, you know, where to look for different types of portals or how to structure it or things like that. And I know that we like, I don’t want to make it about web designers and developers, that’s what we do. But in general, you because you have an IT background, you probably knew the steps that you need to take. Yes. And

Moe Manavipour 27:32
I honestly believe it was my background and technology and it to help us like we were online. Before our own headquarters in the States was even able to create the content and be online. We are actually online, delivering service, but a week to 10 days before our headquarters, got everything together to be online and offer other franchise locations, the tools that they could use, they can use. Yeah.

Amr The Internet Guy 28:00

Moe Manavipour 28:02
so I wanted the tools that I knew I went to places that I already knew. And, you know, I was familiar with, you know, without trying to be an ad for anybody, you know, there’s like, Click Funnels, for example. Right? Okay. So I started using them, because, you know, I tried to create a WordPress thing on my own, and I’m not a web developer, I, you know, it just it was over my head, I’m like, this is too complicated. I need something simple. And here’s something I can just click, click and drag and drop. And it’s a quick preview. It’s, it looks good. Okay, publish.

Amr The Internet Guy 28:34
So the first thing that we need to be looking at is to look for something that’s simple to use,

Moe Manavipour 28:39
simple to use, maybe even investor, you know, learn about money, and somebody that has the knowledge to be able to, to help you set up the foundation, and then you can take it over from there, right? A lot of business owners that are in my industry, don’t have a technology background. They’re either from this background, or the business background scares

Amr The Internet Guy 29:03
people sometimes.

Moe Manavipour 29:05
Yes. And because they don’t know what they need they there and they go talk to a consultant. And the consultant says, Oh, yeah, do that it’s gonna cost you $20,000.

Amr The Internet Guy 29:15
And then you’re going to think like, Oh, you’ve got this big brick wall that you have to get over.

Moe Manavipour 29:21
Right? But you don’t need a $20,000 sort of private portal. There’s already almost like, coral in a box packages, you pay a monthly subscription, a couple 100 bucks a month. And now you have access to you know, with the access to YouTube, you can go watch YouTube on how do I create that, and there’s a lot of tools available to be able to do that. Right. And if you can hire someone that’s tech savvy, or, you know,

Amr The Internet Guy 29:52
yeah, I don’t know anyone who does.

Moe Manavipour 29:54
They don’t need to be a web developer. They don’t need to be a consultant to figure out the basics. Right, if you can figure out things on Facebook, that changes every day, you should be able to figure this.

Amr The Internet Guy 30:05
This is brilliant, because like I always tell people, there’s always a learning curve. Like, there are some technologies that are more complicated than others. But even if you go with the easiest one, don’t expect it to work out of the box without your own intervention. So you’re going to have to spend a little bit of time learning your way around whatever software you’re using. And if you go for the cheapest one, it might work. But it might be too complicated and will waste a lot of your time trying to figure things out. And this is not necessarily to go and say, go with the most expensive option, because maybe you can’t afford it. And maybe it’s still not very user friendly. So the first thing is, use something that exists your need. Yeah, sorry. Can you hear me now? Yeah, we’re back.

Moe Manavipour 31:05
There. Yeah, there

Amr The Internet Guy 31:06
was a freeze a little freeze. So I’m saying the first thing is use something that exists do not reinvent the wheel. There are so many ready made, you called it the portal in the box that that’s a good description. So there, there are many ready made membership websites and elearning websites like learning management systems that there’s so many out there. Some of them, they have their own platforms, like, Okay, I’m gonna do some ads now. Thinkific, a Vancouver based company. So no, there’s Thinkific, there’s teachable. You’ve mentioned Click Funnels, there’s so many. And then there are those who also are plugins that work on top of a WordPress website. So if you have a website, your existing website, that’s already built using WordPress, there are a couple of learning management system plugins, actually more than a couple, but the two that I like that I know of, and that I’ve worked with before, they work very well. So there’s a couple of plugins that you can use on top of your WordPress and all what you need is someone to just do the plumbing for that, like the foundation and plumbing. So there’s a little bit of tech work to make this ready for us. And then once it’s ready, you can just starting start to upload your content. And it’s so easy for you to manage, how to create a lesson, how to put a video in a lesson How to remove a video, how to remove a lesson, whatever, it’s just it becomes like a regular day to day management task. And it’s not technical, it’s just uploading. Literally it’s uploading a video to a website, which is something you do if you use Instagram or, or Facebook. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Once you once the content is

Moe Manavipour 32:55
uploaded, then it’s a matter of making sure that it looks and it’s in the right place. And that’s good to go. As

Amr The Internet Guy 33:03
you’re saying you’re asked literally

Moe Manavipour 33:04
these days, right you’ve

Amr The Internet Guy 33:05
ended up using Click Funnels at the end or you only use Click Funnels to do the landing pages.

Moe Manavipour 33:11
I use Click Funnels click funnel actually has a membership. membership sites, good template.

Amr The Internet Guy 33:19
And you could see like, who’s doing what lesson, right? Like it tells you it’s he can’t see progress that way, like

Moe Manavipour 33:30
learning management system.

Amr The Internet Guy 33:32
So it’s a membership site, but it’s not a learning management system.

Moe Manavipour 33:36
Right? Right. It’s just a membership site, you can assign security. So you assign people with certain security permissions. So they can only see like, you know, if the site has Yeah, X amount of content, you can say, Okay, these people can only see this part of it.

Amr The Internet Guy 33:49
Yeah, you can have like tears like, I don’t know, silver, gold, platinum, whatever. Exactly,

Moe Manavipour 33:54
exactly. So you can set it up that way. So, you know, maybe you have in a fitness industry, maybe offer nutrition, but not all your members pay for nutrition. So you can have your nutrition section only available to those

Amr The Internet Guy 34:07
pay for pay for nutrition. Yeah, right. Because I would assume that you know, having a gym you already have paying members anyway, right? And if they joined the gym, they don’t have to go to join the online anymore, you will add them automatically. Yeah. And then you assign the stuff that their members like they have access to. You have to assign them that stuff through the portal already. But then you can come up with new services that are tailor made now that didn’t exist before and now that you have an online portal, the sky’s the limit like so you could have I don’t know like meal planning or?

Moe Manavipour 34:46
Absolutely. So. I’m a big believer in finding the good in every bad situation. Like one of the things that we do at the party marry everybody is before your body can change. This has to change. So we work on the mind a lot, just like you know, you’re doing your workouts, but you’re always talking and encouraging you to I think we’re probably one of the only gym If not, I don’t know that like that I know of that actually has a mindset book library that our members check out. So they borrow books, just like the library and it’s all the books that we have read ourselves on a team, you know, the, the atomic habits and you know, the, you know, limitless and various books that I have read that I’ve helped me throughout my personal development and my business and my personal life, that I share the content and everything that I’ve learned. And our members are now borrowing those books to go read them right so once you get to the point that you’re actually shifting people’s mindsets now they can find the good in every bad situation. The reason I said this was when that lockdown happened the first lockdown happened I was through again we are we our business model is a high touch to the point that our members did not open the door when they arrived at the studio, we open the door for them that’s the level of service that we offer we open the door we greet them we High Five them we open the door when they leave we call their names later the first name we know you know their cats and dogs and kids names. It’s surely sort of like you know when you go to really seven star hotel, the high end hotels before they walk in they know Oh, Mr. Amr Welcome to the hotel, and they know exactly who you are before you and said hi. That’s the type of level of service that we offered. Now, why do we do that online?

Amr The Internet Guy 36:57
Because you have technology now it will remember for you, right?

Moe Manavipour 37:03
You know, there’s restrictions even when we offer in person training. People you got to be a stay away.

Amr The Internet Guy 37:09
Yeah, the touch. Yeah, the high touch part is you can correct the somebodies posture. For example, online trainer has

Moe Manavipour 37:18
given them cues and helping them right. But that’s the sort of the bad part. Our business model has to change. We are now doing something online, we have to be different. And okay. But the good thing of it is, I have people that I’ve actually done workouts with us that joined as members for even if it was short period of time from UK. I’ve had members from the Ireland have had members from Calgary have had members from Vernon, I have a member that moved to Vernon right now. But she’s still a member, and she works out online. So we went from local to a global company. Literally, this is

Amr The Internet Guy 38:07
what online does for you. Yeah, like it opens, I mean, the pros and cons, it opens your services to the world. But also everybody else in the world becomes your competition. So it even calls for better service. And I can see you’re doing it because like if, if I go online, to look for personal training, for example, or to just look for a workout number one, Dr. YouTube will have so many free options, right? So I don’t even have to pay or become a member anywhere. But if I want something that’s focused, that works for me that where I can actually track my progress, then I have to become a member somewhere because YouTube is not going to track my progress. And it’s also harder to search for the stuff that you want or for the stuff that you need, then you don’t even know that you need. So you got to become a member somewhere what you’ll do your Google it. And then you read about different places and then where or how would you choose one or the other? It’s not easy. So I believe that going the extra mile and doing the best service like it’s amazing how would somebody in the UK end up doing personal training with a trainer based in Vancouver, British Columbia or like you know, in Porto?

Moe Manavipour 39:42
We are our core values literally spell the word core, community ownership relationships and excellence. Wow. And we are extremely community based. And the person that was in UK was A friend of a new person that joined just before COVID head.

Amr The Internet Guy 40:05
Yeah, and they want to work out together. Yep.

Moe Manavipour 40:10
Before all this happened, and she enjoyed it so much, she loved the atmosphere. And then they fit the experience that she told her friend and UK because everything was on lockdown. But why don’t you do this, and you know, I’m doing it, I’m enjoying it. And that’s how it’s all started. I had friends, people tell their friends and other parts of the Canada, my gyms doing this jump on here, you can get this right. That’s how it all started. That’s all because we went online,

Amr The Internet Guy 40:38
right? So here’s another lesson referrals are very, very, very important. And that I can’t stress that enough for everyone. Because even like my nickname is the internet guy. And I’m the one helping business owners go online and do more business online. But what I always tell them, Look, if you think your website on its own is going to bring leads to you, you’re mistaken. I will not promise you this. And if you see someone promising you that if you spend, I don’t know $1,000 advertising a month, you get a ton of leads online, believe me, you will get leads, but they’re not probably the right fit. There is nothing better than a referral from a human being. People want to do business. People want to do things and buy services from either somebody they know and trust. Or someone who knows someone they know and trust. And absolutely, that’s about it.

Moe Manavipour 41:34
Absolutely. Are. I’ve spent countless dollars on Facebook ads. And I have people that walk in and like you know, because a friend told them and when I talked to them. So yeah, I’ve been I’ve been getting your newsletter, and I’ve seen your Facebook ads for the last year and a half. And you know, choosey told me about the guy. So I decided to come in. So, uh huh, yes. Because it sort of has that, you know, they get they is familiar, because I’ve seen it so many times, now, a trusted friend, as recommended. So they put two and two together. And

Amr The Internet Guy 42:14
he adds work to raise the awareness a little bit, but there will not lead to conversion. And that’s very important because people think it’s the amount of money they pay. So what they do, they go up the amount of money thinking that Facebook ads are not converting now, because I’m only spending $300. Maybe if I spend 700. No, it’s not the amount of dollars, it’s just the nature, that that was the nature of search engine optimization. Real or like, don’t want to say the word domain. The nature of SEO. Like any advertising in general, like even before the internet advertising that used to come in newspapers, there’s a gap that exists between missing the ad, and me taking action. So what accelerates me taking action is actually getting a word of mouth, from someone I know. And that’s the, you know, the best marketing tool anyone can ever have a satisfied customer.

Moe Manavipour 43:22
Yes, for sure. Or, you know, maybe the pain that I have a solution to is so painful at that moment that you see the ad that he said, Okay, well, they said they can’t fix that. Yeah. Software

Amr The Internet Guy 43:36
catches you at the right time. Yeah. Yes. You don’t know 00 1% of time. Exactly. You don’t know which part of the customer journey they’re at, like when they’re ready to buy or they’re just doing research or, like, we, I don’t know, I think all these big networks. They know everything about us and they probably know who’s ready to buy, but that will be the next service not it’s not released yet.

Moe Manavipour 44:05
Yes. So, like, again, you can look at the pandemic and say, okay, there’s a lot of negative, but at the same time, there’s a lot of good and there’s a lot of positive that has come out of it. A lot of businesses sadly went out of business and they don’t exist, but a lot of new things came to market a lot of new things happen. A lot of invention happened. Innovation happened. And I’m looking at my own business here going. Okay, I’ve had two right now if you come into our studio we have like it doesn’t look anything like our first impression started. Yeah, yeah. We got like eight by eight squares actually marked off on the floor and there’s dividers that we put in that nugget I built myself this is like none of this is

Amr The Internet Guy 44:57
plastic. plexiglass.

Moe Manavipour 45:01
So I put all that in place and we limited, there’s a reservation system, people can come in, and they can do their own workout, or they can follow a workout that we post. And we have our staff there to supervise and make sure that they follow the rules, and they don’t do anything that’s dangerous, and they guide them and coach them. So that again, as a complete different business model, now you’re going into a different level altogether again, and think about it from a coach’s perspective, if you have to coach something, and you’ve been trained to do it this way. Now, the next morning, you walk into the place, you’ve been told, because somebody made the announcement, well, we can’t do that anymore. You got to do it differently. You know, you’re going okay, well, what do I need to do? And the level of adjustments and shift and everything that you have to do is great the amount of investment we have made in equipment, because everybody has their own equipment. Now nobody shares Oh, yeah, cuz you can all share

Amr The Internet Guy 45:59
the equipment.

Moe Manavipour 46:00
Yes, right. I like I like the big box gyms that, you know, people come and go, and they share things, and then they’re in charge of cleaning. That’s not what happens. Like we, again, we now have to make sure that they have their own equipment and their own box, they come in, they go into their own box, they do the workout once or then they leave. And then we reset, we clean, we sanitize. And you know, I’ve invested and all natural stuff. Because again, it’s my health is yes, of course you want to make sure that everything stays as sanitized and as clean for the next person that comes to use it. Because just because somebody else use that, that doesn’t mean they should get the seconds, they should always be ready to go no matter when they come. And when they show up, they should always get the same quality, same service. Right. And I think one of the things you touched on is referrals. Yes, we’ve got people coming in from the US, but our biggest growth has been from referrals. or family coming in, you know, mother starts and then they bring their father in. And then now the kids are old enough to come in. So they’re bringing the kids and they all have a family membership. And they come together when possible. It’s all because of the sense of the community, and the community that we’ve created. And it’s that sense of belonging to something. I see your cat walking across the street. Yes.

Amr The Internet Guy 47:31
He likes to bomb all over my zoom meetings.

Moe Manavipour 47:35
That makes for a nice bloopers video.

Amr The Internet Guy 47:39
Usually, it’s just his voice mowing in the background, but sometimes he wants his tail to be

Moe Manavipour 47:45
on camera.

Amr The Internet Guy 47:49
Yeah, so you’re saying like the families that just bring all the members?

Moe Manavipour 47:53
Yes. So it’s that sense of belonging and that community, it’s like, as he said, he can go on to YouTube and get a workout. That’s not the value, I can go like, why would I go to Amazon and not go to Amazon and go to a local shop to buy the same cup or same sticker or paper or whatever it is. I can probably get it on Amazon for less money. But it’s the experience is the experience. The I would drive to farther away pay more money to get a service or product because of the experience that came with it. Right. And the same thing is what we’ve tried to apply to our environment. Our studio is the experience we offer by knowing people by the first names and people walk in for the first time we haven’t even met yet. But they get called by the first name and get greeted by the first name. And this is it’s a shock to them. The How do you Yeah. Well, Yes. Get to know you

Amr The Internet Guy 48:54
before you before you come here, right? Yes, yes. And indeed

Moe Manavipour 48:58
that is experienced I have had countless people tell me I can’t believe you guys actually call me by my first name when I’m walking out like you guys know me and I’ve been to other places. I don’t even know I exist. They don’t even know I walked in or whether I left or not. Nobody knows.

Amr The Internet Guy 49:13
Yeah, it’s like a big meal. Like some other places are like it’s a big meal. You just you get greeted by the receptionist. You get in and that’s it. No one speaks with you.

Moe Manavipour 49:24
Right. And that’s why we want it to be different. So it’s that experience that we’ve created and that community is what brings people back they don’t come for the workout. Yes, it’s big. Yeah, they come for the experience,

Amr The Internet Guy 49:38
the main services, the workout but the byproduct is a better experience or like I don’t want to call it the byproduct maybe I’m wrong here. Though whole thing is the experience but it all starts with the workout.

Moe Manavipour 49:54
Right. So as they go we used to say that it we’re in the customer service business when that does happen. To deal with it. Yeah, say you’re here, right we are and helping people business. We’re in the, in the building a community friendly environment, inviting environment business that happens to be centered around a workout.

Amr The Internet Guy 50:15
Yeah, you’re absolutely right. And that that’s a great way to put it. Also, when you speak of it, it’s customer service, based on or based around an IT service. But at the end of the day, it’s, it’s customer service, it’s kind of, I can say, I can see that because it comes from the Help Desk background. Like we focus on the customer, not on the problem. The problem is fix it not a problem. But nobody

Moe Manavipour 50:45
cares. If the you know, the why the printer doesn’t work. They just care that they can’t print the report.

Amr The Internet Guy 50:50
Exactly. So we need to figure out how they can print the report. Rather than spend most of your time thinking about what’s wrong with that specific printer. Maybe you have another alternative. Maybe there’s another printer in I don’t know, somewhere in a warehouse or

Moe Manavipour 51:03
Yeah, yeah. So my biggest advice to fellow business owners doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If you’re dealing with people, if you’re not just a widget manufacturer that just manufactures widgets and sells them. And you don’t really interact with people. You’re dealing with people. Yeah, you have to offer a solution to a human solution. If that makes no sense, right, you have to be able to give them the feeling that they matter. Because let’s face it, in this 21st century, everything is GO everything is behind a screen and everybody’s got their face in their phone, and there’s no human to human attraction is not that much of it anymore. And people are missing it. And they’ve got to the point that you know, the older generation and older people of my age, and their late 40s and 50s are starting to get to the point that they want that interaction. They want somebody to actually care and show interest that genuine need. I want to know how your day has been no, I’m not just saying how was your day, just to have said, how’s your day, I actually care to know how your day has been. And if there’s anything I can do to make you feel better. Our motto is we want to be the best 30 minutes of your day. So love that when you walk through our doors, you will leave the studio 100% happier than the moment you walked out, or the zoom call. Funny enough people have got addicted to it. And then Hello, yeah, if I if I don’t do a workout, I feel like something’s missing in my day. And I just hate it all the time. Right. And one big thing that gets messed up with all the lock downs and restrictions is people don’t understand that. The only way to beat this thing is to be healthy. You’re gonna get Indeed, indeed you’re gonna get sick. You just it’s how bad I got sick

Amr The Internet Guy 53:05
from watching the news.

Moe Manavipour 53:08
Right, like so. Yeah, yeah. Be active stay, right. Instead of like, you know, stopping like, you know, we had a joke going at one point that you know, they shut down the gyms but you know, you can go on your way home from work. You can go buy a pack of smokes and buy a bottle of wine and get a greasy burger and go home and be healthy. I wasn’t going joking. Because

Amr The Internet Guy 53:36
I get the heart attack alone and no one will know.

Moe Manavipour 53:40
And that’s what it came down to they all the things that were accessible. were things that were actually not good for your health. Yeah, yeah, the things that could actually help people were being chateaus. Yeah. Well, I have no choice, right. You can go here. You can go there. You can walk with your friends you can run. Well, yeah.

Amr The Internet Guy 54:02
Last year, it was crazier. I think like this year, it was a little bit better. But the problem is like, the message is confusing. Because one day they say one thing the next day they change it. And it’s like, even with the vaccine. Oh, take any vaccine we give you Okay. Oh, but don’t take the AstraZeneca because we’re only giving it to people who are above 55. Okay. Oh, no, you know what, we’re now going to start another trial with the AstraZeneca being given to the teachers, okay. It’s like, Hey, guys, can you just sit together? decide what you want to tell the people have one person only speak and that’s it. Like we seriously I don’t want the premier saying one thing Dr. Henry saying another, somebody else is saying something else. And then the media comes with news from another province or another country or whatever, and it becomes too confusing. And then I think a lot

Moe Manavipour 54:54
of people are actually confused because I have like, as I said, like we have had to change our business. model, we’ve gone from a group fitness, which we can’t have anymore to a individualized workout setup. And people are confused, like, the latest one was you can’t have group fitness group and this is Yeah. Ours by individual workouts and one on one personal training are up to two

Amr The Internet Guy 55:23
people, you know, so one person and a trainer is okay, as long as it’s the same trainer, and it’s the same one person.

Moe Manavipour 55:31
But right. And you can also bring a friend. You can also do individual workouts. That’s why all the gyms are open, you can go to the gym and do your own workout alone. Yeah,

Amr The Internet Guy 55:41
of course I can.

Moe Manavipour 55:42
Yeah. And as long as all the safety protocols are being

Amr The Internet Guy 55:45
met, that’s fine. Exactly. With sizing and whatever. Yeah,

Moe Manavipour 55:50
that’s not clear that people get confused. And some people Yeah, I know. It’s nice, like

Amr The Internet Guy 55:57
even for outdoor demo, like, in November, when they started to kind of tighten the rules a little bit more. They said, Okay, you know what, if you’re below 19 years of age, you can still play outside sports outside. So team sports are allowed, as long as there’s no scrimmage or something. I can’t remember the exact wording. But if you’re below 19 year, okay, is the adults that are a problem. And then somebody I remember somebody asked the question, what’s wrong with playing sports, like adults playing sports? And the good doctor said, Oh, I have no problem with the sport itself. The problem is that they gather before or after, for a beer. So the solution was like, okay, there’s no Adult Soccer, for example. Right. Okay. Well, guess what happened? People were still meeting for the beer just not playing the sport. Yes, it’s worse. You’re getting unhealthy because you’re getting the beer, but you’re not getting your workout.

Moe Manavipour 57:02
You can still go to the bar.

Amr The Internet Guy 57:03
Yeah. And the bars were open. Yeah. And it’s like, so people were meeting at the bars when they’re not there. We’re not supposed to but, and that was like, What was so confusing. Now, I think we’re allowed to play sports outside as long as 10 people. No, no, outside, outside, outside. Yes. Outside 10 people, the same 10 people every time. And you have to maintain a distance. So you could take shots or whatever. I don’t know. It’s just becoming too tiring and too confusing.

Moe Manavipour 57:33
I know, some of the we have a lot of we actually have a lot of I guess you could call them frontline workers. As members that come in, and either nurses, or Ts,

Amr The Internet Guy 57:49
they’re under tremendous pressure.

Moe Manavipour 57:51
Yes. Right. And this is like, they walk in and like, thank God, I’m able to come in and do this, because this is what’s keeping me sane. There’s a lot of pressure out there on everybody. And by taking the activities that helped relieve that stress, help them reset, to be able to go out there and deal with it day in and day after day in and day out. To me it makes no sense. Yeah, I mean, I would say, you know, second and more prone to getting sick.

Amr The Internet Guy 58:26
If we have proper safety protocols in place, with the number of people with sanitization, with booking in advance so that you know, you have a limited number of people in a big space and things like that, it should always be an option, because this is the stress relief for many people. And as you rightfully said, many of them are frontline workers who are under tremendous pressure, the only way they can keep their sanity is to have that release valve available. And this is not something because, yeah, you can surely you can go walk around the neighborhood, on your own, or with a family member. And that’s good, that’s fine if you can do that do it. But the sports or the fitness or the workout, as a release valve is also very important. Like we no one wants this to be taken away. I mean, and it’s a good thing that it’s not taken away. So I’m not giving anyone any ideas, but

Moe Manavipour 59:31
now Bye, but you know what, like, you can you can get sick anywhere. It doesn’t matter that you can like you know, you can go to supermarket these days and I think people just got tired of all the rules so nobody really 90% of people out there and supermarkets don’t follow any of the rules. Oh yeah,

Amr The Internet Guy 59:53
I mean, it’s not this is the thing people believe that the mask is a is a shield of some The test some magic. And it’s not like I still don’t want you in my face. Even if you’re wearing a mask, I don’t want you to come within 10 centimeters that’s too close, even before COVID you know what I mean? But like some people just like, you know what I mean? Like, I’m tired, I’m not going to think about it anymore. That just put the mask on the face. And that’s it. And I feel I also I feel for them. It’s like, it’s hard to maintain all this for longer than a year. And all the conflicting messages that you hear in the media. And then I’m not only blaming the government, I’m also blaming the media, not everything is worth broadcasts and guys, like, Yeah, sometimes you need to take the news, whatever it is that you call news, digest it, and keep it because tomorrow, there might be another change. So just wait for a little while. You know, not everything is breaking news. And I do understand that as a media, you have a responsibility to give us the news, but only wait until it’s actually something that’s not confusing. So just give it a little bit of time. You know, because this is new for everyone. This is new for us as people if anybody in the media

Moe Manavipour 1:01:13
is going to be watching this. Yeah, I’m positive. I’m sure there’s a lot of good happening out there. I know. I know. negatives all the time. And unfortunately, you turn on the radio and every news station. It’s all the bad things that get reported. Yes, they need to be reported. But at the same time, I’m sure you know, you know, the murders that happened. And, you know, the racism that happened. I’m sure there’s a lot of good that also happened that nobody even mentioned. Right? Yeah, I

Amr The Internet Guy 1:01:44
think that is having a toll on the mental health for many people, you know, myself included, sometimes I feel like, you know, like, I’m, I’m tired already, right, mentally. But I still do my workouts, I’m a soccer guy. So I go play outside, whether it’s alone or with a group of people want it so loud, or whatever it is. That’s my release valve. And, uh, you know, I’m not gonna let anyone take that away. And let’s say just try to think positive, stay positive talk to people, I’ve been working from home forever. So it’s not, it’s not COVID related. Like, I’ve, when I left the corporate world have decided that I want to start my business work from home, have Well, I don’t want to say more time with the family, because I’m working most of the time, but at least we’re in the same physical location. I can hear them, they can hear me, we can tell each other off. Hey, you’re too loud.

Moe Manavipour 1:02:48
But Exactly.

Amr The Internet Guy 1:02:50
feel isolated. If you work from home for a long time. Especially if you’re not used to it, you do feel isolated. So having a workout. Even a virtual workout with a group of people would help you going to a gym or a Fitness Studio, when it’s allowed. And when it’s, you know, within the rules, and every precaution has been taken, is also advised because it’s good for your health. You know, seeing and communicating with other human beings is good for your health. So, yes, yes, absolutely. Don’t do it alone.

Moe Manavipour 1:03:28
No, and there’s a lot of benefits to being part of a community that that is going through the same journey essentially, right? There’s that support structure is extremely valuable to have that in place. It’s one thing to have a friend or a coach event. But it’s different to have teammates, right? Yes, yeah,

Amr The Internet Guy 1:03:54
you can, you can gamify it, right, you can gamify it a little whoops, you can gamify it a little bit like you know, create some healthy competition with your friend and who’s gonna, I don’t know, finish these five workouts before the other things like that and it makes you healthier. It keeps your mind off the bad news when there is bad news. And definitely you know, you’re healthier not only physically but also mentally.

Moe Manavipour 1:04:22
But to be honest, I know we’ve gone over time, but just one thing I really want to get out there as a lot of it comes down to having a vision for yourself. If you have a vision, a vision, knowing having goals essentially for Where do you see yourself and then taking the actions that take you closer to that vision or that goal is key. COVID happened? A lot of people gain 2030 4050 pounds, but at the same time I can give you people that have lost 50 pounds over the last nine months.

Amr The Internet Guy 1:04:59
Not only Stress, they lost 50 pounds as a

Moe Manavipour 1:05:02
goal as a goal, and they’re eating right, they’re exercising, and they’re doing it all on my You don’t have to be in a gym, you just need to belong to a supportive community, with the right minded people and the right coaches to be able to help you and support you to get there. There’s this countless people that we’ve had in our studio, or online in our studio.

Amr The Internet Guy 1:05:28
Yeah, so if you can’t go to the studio, the studio will come to you.

Moe Manavipour 1:05:32
Yes, and they’ve, they’ve got amazing results, and then all virtually with us. So it’s possible, but you just have to know where you’re heading. It’s like, I’ve used this example, and some of the sort of mindset talks that I do as imagine living life without a vision is like getting onto a boat, and the open ocean without a destination and a compass. And then hoping that you land somewhere that you like, you may or may not. But if you don’t land somewhere that you don’t like, you don’t have the right to complain, because you have no idea where you want it to go. So

life is the same way. You want to make sure that you have a destination, you know where you’re going, take appropriate action to get there. If you get that and it’s not to your liking, or what you expect that that’s okay, change the destination, but at least you’ve learned, you’ve learned that you always need the destination anyway. And that there is help available for you to reach that destination.

Moe Manavipour 1:06:32
Yes, absolutely.

Amr The Internet Guy 1:06:34
Perfect. That’s a great parting message. Mo Thank you very much. And I hope that this episode is not going to be that long. I’m going to edit here and there. So it’s going to be more or less about well, when our most of them are anyway. But I’ve been told that people listen to my podcast sometimes when they’re running, sometimes when they’re cooking. So I’m very grateful for those of you guys who are listening to us. And I hope I’m not boring you every couple of weeks, I try to as much as possible. bring somebody from an industry that not many people know much about. And in most cases we discuss business, we discuss life, and we discuss the world of the internet.

Moe Manavipour 1:07:19
Awesome, I really appreciate the opportunity our and it was it was a pleasure chatting with you and audience, I hope you take something out of this conversation that we had today. And use it in your own lives. Hopefully, there’s a message in there for somebody. And for every single one of you guys who’s who will be listening to this podcast.

Amr The Internet Guy 1:07:43
Perfect, thank you more. And I’m gonna put your website address below the episode. So if people want to find out a little bit more about how to join even the online part, they can just get in touch with you.

Moe Manavipour 1:07:55
Let’s do one better, let’s put our strongest together Facebook group in there so they can actually get to because we do I’ll send it to you because in the stronger together group. It’s free to join. All of our members are there and it’s open to anybody who wants to join. And we share a lot of good, excellent resources in there. That doesn’t cost anybody anything. If anything, you’ll be extremely useful for you.

Amr The Internet Guy 1:08:21
That’s even one more. Thank you. Well,

Moe Manavipour 1:08:23
you’re welcome. Fantastic. Thank you.

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