Getting the right talent

Is today’s challenge!
Are you looking to:

  1. Get better quality employees?
  2. Faster?
  3. Without breaking the bank?

YOU are not alone!

Everyone is on a quest nowadays to get more skilled employees, so they can grow the business and make it better.

The world has already moved from the traditional industrial age “mass production” economy and into the “digital knowledge” information-based economy, so why are we still using the tools and processes of the past for hiring?

Using our existing methods and processes (even with the updated process) is quite a lengthy exercise especially if you want to ensure quality, the time and effort it consumes takes its toll on the recruiters.

Today if you are not actively engaged where your typical future-employees are and not using the latest platforms, your chances of catching their attention and getting them to want to work for you are quite low, this is not something you solve by just being on social media sites like Linkedin or Facebook, it’s much more than that (example: how you structure the interview and recruitment process, what tools do you use, what does this whole operation or “user experience / candidate experience” say about you, and are you making sure that this environment attracts talented people?)

There are also a lot of scenarios when you need to scale your operations up quickly, like opening a new branch, taking on a new franchise or handling a spike of new orders and this on its own is generally a dilemma, as you would either have to lower your entry requirements & standards (affecting quality) in order to recruit the required numbers and push them into induction fast.

Or end up hiring many qualified head hunters and recruitment agencies to do this task for you, which is likely to give you the quality that you need and within your deadlines but at a much higher cost.

Luckily there is a solution that was built by experienced ex-corporate recruiters specifically to solve this puzzle once and for all. The VidCruiter video interviewing and recruitment software platform has everything that you need for an optimized hiring process in today’s human resource landscape. Here is how this innovative solution will help meet your needs.

Meet VidCruiter

Finally you can have it all!

  1. More skilled employees (better quality)
  2. Faster
  3. Cost effective

VidCruiter is the latest digital recruitment platform that is is video based and completely responsive (Mobile / Tablet) it is intuitive & easy to use for the HR team as well as for the candidate, you can integrate it with your existing HR / applicant tracking system as a standalone, or use its built-in applicant tracking and induction systems.
It is very flexible and will adapt to your workflows rather than force you to change them just to be able to use it, it can also connect to many social media sites as well as job boards for a greater impact.

Standard features:


Applicants Love Us!

A digital interview provides your applicants with the best possible candidate experience.


Resume Searching / Parsing

Our database will allow you to search any data in any resume for the position you are looking to fill. Learn more about resume parsing.


Faster Hiring Times

No other solution in the world can hire as fast as we can with the same level of quality and thoroughness. Learn more about video recruiting.


Social Profiles

For those of you that want to look into the applicant’s life online, we find all their social profiles and place them at your fingertips. Learn more about video-hiring.



Your branding is preserved throughout the recruitment process, steps, pages will be fully branded (according to your branding / guidelines) including every webcam interview.



Want to track everything? We allow you to do this super easily. Learn more about our digital interviewing software.


Guaranteed ROI

We guarantee you will save money in your recruiting department using our products. Learn more about our video interviewing software.


Track Any Recruiter at Any Time

See who is doing what inside of the system so that you are always on top of your department. Learn more about our recruitment tracking system.


Multi-Language Company

All our recruiting solutions can be customized to meet your language needs.


Rating System

Our advanced rating system allows you to rate every pre-recorded interview and so much more.



VidCruiter has some of the highest security standards for video interviewing in the industry. Learn more about our secure video interviews.

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