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“engagement” means having real interest in the business, and being part of it. Whether we are talking about employees or customer engagement!
Of course having better employee engagement where your staff feel they are part of the business and have real interest in it is no-brainer, but what about customers?

Customer engagement goes way beyond the normal buyer/seller relationship, it’s like the organization has relinquished some of its powers to the customer – for the greater benefit – This is can not ever be achieved by social media engagement or marketing alone, you need to do more…

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A customer engaging business should always practice and display genuine interest in integrating customers as part of the organization, ensuring that their commendations as well as any other feedback received (regardless of the communication channel) are swiftly analyzed and acted-upon in a timely manner, not only that but you will have to thank your customers for being a vital part of your growth and keep them updated on what you have done with their feedback, better – even reward them for it. Afterall they are giving you much more than their cash!

Let us help you improve on engagement & enhance your customer experience while identifying the best performing members of your staff !


Staffino enhances customer engagement as well as customer experience by making it extremely easy (just a button click from the app) to collect real -time feedback from your customers, on your staff members. It helps you monitor staff performance in real time to identify and reward the best performers, creating a gamified environment that keeps them engaged. It also reveals (to you but not to the public) the bad performers, weaknesses, or issues that made your customers disappointed.

Problems and Suggestions from customers are always private, only the manager can decide if they go public to the social platform or not, while positive feedback and thank -you notes get published immediately on the social platform, strengthening your brand and lifting the moral of your staff especially when they are being visually recognized by customers for their excellent service.

Managers and business owners get feedback instantly on their mobile app, they also get access to Staffino’s smart dashboard enabling them to analyze feedback and respond to the customer immediately (in most cases while the customer is still on the premises), and monitor the performance of their staff in real-time.


No more messy call-backs, no lengthy complicated surveys or expensive mystery shopping needed, now you can have the 24/7/365 real time / real customer / real shopper reports on your mobile device.


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Having a more engaging & gamified environment within your business will allow your employees to compete in a healthy and transparent way to win the customers’ hearts and minds with service excellence. Everyone would want to go the extra mile and achieve the highest number of positive customer feedbacks not only to clinch that reward but to become popular and recognized by the customers too. Imagine the effect it will have on employee motivation and customer experience – “two birds with one stone”

“Mobile” Customer Insight System

Staffino Customer Insights

Progressive statistics also show you the overall staff performance as well as trends in service quality, managers’ average response time and your most engaged customers too, this makes much easier, more relevant and cost effective to identify your best performers as well as your loyal customers recognize to and reward them.

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